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Audiovox 0891412 4 amp. AC ADAPTER
AC ADAPTER For Use with AVT975, AVT1475 and AVT1498

Cat No: 0891412

Audiovox 08930401 12V Power Cord for VBP1000
Audiovox 12V power cord for VBP1000. This cord has lighter socket on one end and square plug on the VBP 1000 end.

Cat No: 08930401

Audiovox 112-2821 Power/Video Plug for VOH Series Screen
Audiovox 112-2821 replacement power and video plug for Audiovox's VOH series flipdown mobile video screens.

Cat No: 112-2821

Audiovox 38902452 Harness, Power 2P w/Choke
Cat No: 38902452

Audiovox D1210-12V Power Plug
12V power cord for Audiovox D1210. Has lighter socket on car end and round barrel connetor on unit end.

Cat No: 38930232

Audiovox 38930402B Power Cord
DC power cord for Audiovox DV9000. Has lighter plug on the car end and a 4 Pin square conductor on the unit side.

Cat No: 38930402B

Audiovox AVP7000-12V Power Plug
Audiovox / Flexvision 12V DC Power Cord for AVP7000, AVP7280, and AVP7280A, AVP7200A. Cord has lighter plug on car end and 4 Pin square plug on VCP end.

Cat No: AVP7000-12VPlug

Audiovox AVT1498-12V Power Plug
12V DC Power cord for AVT1498 TV. Cord has lighter plug on car end and 4 pin square plug on TV end.

Cat No: AVT1498-12VPlug

Magnadyne Power Harness HAR-102
VCR Power Harness for MV-VCR102

Cat No: HAR102

MV-DVD-PA 12V Power Plug

KEC 11176182 12V Power Plug (1st half)
KEC 12 volt power cord for 9BNL/2 and KEC VCP MA/2X-3 . Does not have lighter socket.

Cat No: 11176182

KEC 11176216 12V Power Cord (1st half)
KEC replacement 12V power cord for 13BNL-3 13" television.

Cat No: 11176216

KEC 13B Power Cord
For older KEC 12V 13BNL televsions with 5 pin connection.

Cat No: 13B-Power Cord

KEC KTV-MLC 12V Power Cord (2nd half)
12V DC power connector for KEC products.


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