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0059A Voyager / Audiovox 20' Extension Cable
Extension cable for use with RVMPK 2, 3 and CCDF, CCDFR, RESEC, and ROSEL

Cat No: 0059A

1126810 Voyager / Audiovox RCA Adapter Cable
This adapter is used to plug in typical RCA inputs into Voyager color monitors.

Cat No: 1126810

2615CL Voyager / Audiovox 15 ft. Coiled Cable
Replacement 15" (extended) coiled cable for use with VOSBHC2K. Cable has 2 male round connectors with 7 conductors. 6/12 - 1/10

Cat No: 2615CL

31000024 Voyager / Audiovox Adapter Cable
Used to connect dual monitors (AOM681) to one common camera.

Cat No: 31000024

31100004 Voyager / Audiovox Adapter Cable
Female CEC to Male VEC Connector

Cat No: 31100004

31100011 Audiovox / Voyager Power Harness
Audiovox / Voyager Power Harness for AOM681 monitor. Connects to the junction box.

Cat No: 31100011

31100012 Voyager to Sony Adapter
Used to replace some sony cameras with Audiovox / Voyager cameras. 4 pin round Voyager female CEC type connector to 4 pin round Sony female connector.

Cat No: 31100012

31100013 Voyager / Audiovox Adapter Cable
Used to replace a sony monitor with a Voyager black and white monitor.

Cat No: 31100013

31100014 Voyager / Audiovox Camera Cable Adapter
Adapter used to connect Voyager CEC type camera cables to the CSW5000Q Quad-view switcher.

Cat No: 31100014

31100015 Voyager / Audiovox Adapter Cable
VEC to Weldex adapter cable.

Cat No: 31100015

31100030 12V Voyager / Audiovox Harness
VOM58 12V power harness. Replacement power pigtail for Voyager VOM58 black and white monitor.

Cat No: 31100030, VOM5812VPWR

31200004 Voyager / Audiovox Connector
Can be usefull when using Voyager cameras with other brands of monitors.

Cat No: 31200004

31200005 Voyager / Audiovox Connector
Can be usefull when using Voyager monitors with other brands of cameras.

Cat No: 31200005

31300006 Voyager / Audiovox Adapter Cable
Adaptes camera cable to RCA type Video / Audio and gives raw power leads

Cat No: 31300006

8000550 Voyager / Audiovox Camera to Monitor Cable
Voyager / Audiovox 8000550 Rear Observation backup System Camera to Monitor Interface Cable with switch.

Cat No: 8000550

8510681 Voyager / Audiovox Ext. Cable
Audiovox / Voyager AOM681 monitor cable extension. Connects monitor to junction box.

Cat No: 8510681

AOM58-12VPLUG Replacement 12V Plug for AOM58
replacement power plug for AOM58

Cat No: AOM58-12Vplug

CEC Voyager / Audiovox Camera Extension Cable
15 ft., 18 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft. or 75 ft. length camera extension cable. Fits Voyager backup cameras VBC130, VBC140, VBCS150, VCC130, VCCS130, AOM100. Cable has Voyager designed 4 pin round connector. Male on one end, female other.

Cat No: CEC

OCA85E Voyager / Audiovox Cable Connector / Adapter
Cat No: OCA85E

RCA35 Audiovox Cable
RCA to 3.5 mm A/V jack for aux.

Cat No: RCA35

RCA4P Voyager / Audiovox RCA Cable-Adapter
25' long cable/adapter used for connecting ROSEC camera to any monitor with RCA inputs.

Cat No: RCA4P

RCS70-Cable Jensen 60 Foot
Jensen camera to monitor 60 foot cable

Cat No: RCS70-Cable

RJ11RCA Audiovox RJ11 Jack to A/V RCA
For use with non-Audovox cameras RVMPKG1 and 2 only

Cat No: RJ11RCA

VCT655 Voyager / Audiovox 65 ft. Cable
65' cable for tilt camera systems.

Monitor connector - 4 pin female push in round
Camera connector - 4 pin male round screw in

Cat No: VCT 655

VEC Voyager / Audiovox Camera Cable
Voyager / Audiovox VEC65 or VEC24 camera to monitor cable for use with rear observation system. 24 ft. or 65 ft lengths.

Cat No: VEC24, VEC65

VOSBHC2F Voyager / Audiovox Bulkhead Female Connector
Voyager bulkhead connector for 2 camera systems. Female (Trailer side) of VOSBHC2K Kit. CEC cables available separately to extend cable to cameras on trailer.


VOSBHC2K Voyager / Audiovox Bulkhead Connector Kit
Bulhead disconnect for Voyager 2 camera systems on trailers and fifth wheels.


VOSBHC2M Voyager / Audiovox Bulkhead Male Connector
Voyager bulkhead connector for 2 camera systems. Male (Towing vehicle side) of VOSBHC2K Kit. CEC cables available separately to extend cable to monitor in cabin.


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