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Valor ACC-HP302 IR Headphone System
Dual-channel Infrared FM Stereo Transmitter/Headphone System

Cat No: ACCHP302

MYRON & DAVIS AE21 Wireless Headphone
Myron & Davis AE21 Single Channel IR Wireless Headphones (2.3MHz/2.8Mhz)

Cat No: AE21

MYRON & DAVIS AE22 Wireless Headphone
Cat No: AE22

Myron & Davis AE22 IR Wirelss Headphones
Dual channel IR Wireless headphones (2.3MHz/2.8MHz), (3.2NHz/3.8MHz)

Cat No: AE22

Myron & Davis AE31 IR Child Size Headphone
Single Channel Child Size IR Headphone

Cat No: AE31

UNWIRED F3H11360 3 Channel 49 MHz Headphone
49MHz headphone with adjustable headband

Cat No: F3H11360

Unwired F3T-M04 RF Headphone Transmitter
Cat No: F3TM04

Unwired Technology F3T-M05 RF Headphone Transmitter
Cat No: F3TM05

UnWired FOH-111 Wireless Headphone
Variable Tuning Headphones

Cat No: FOH111

Directed Electronics HP104 Single Channel Wireless Headphones
Cat No: HP104

Mobile Vision HP-200 Digital Wireless FM Radio Headphone
Digital Wireless Headphones with built in FM Radio

Cat No: HP200

Directed Electronics HP208 Dual Channel Wireless Headphones
Cat No: HP208

Audiovox HP275 Headset
HP275 Headphones

High-quality headphones with volume control on cord, high-velocity element for excellent sound. 6 ft. curly cord with 1/8" mini plug and 1/4" screw-on adapter.

Cat No: HP275

Audiovox HP375 Headset
HP375 Headset
Studio-quality headphones with a contemporary design,
high-velocity element for excellent sound,6ft. curly cord
with 1/8" mini plug and 1/4" screw-on adapter. This is single headset only.

Cat No: HP375

Audiovox IR2CHS 2 Channel Wireless Headset
Infrared Dual Channel Wireless Headset to be used with a Dual
Channel Audio Transmitter.

Cat No: IR2CHS

Audiovox IRHS40 Wireless Headphones
High performance IR (infrared) headset with 40 mm driver, microchip for auto shut off. Can replace MVIRHS headsets. For use with VOH560, VOH681, VOH681A, VOH682, VOH682A, VOH806DL, and VOH1042 flipdown screens.

Cat No: IRHS40

Audiovox IRHSNC IR Headphone
Infrared Headphone with noise cancelling


UnWired MOH-111 Wireless RF Headphone
Cat No: MOH111

Audiovox MVIRHS - UAH-HP Wireless IR Headphone
MVIRHS - UAH-HP for use with the VOH560, VOH641, VOH642, VOH681, VOH682, VOH681A, VOH682A, Also can replace the GM part #12489643 and 4007-0158-000 for installed factory GM Systems.
Single wireless infrared headset.


UnWired R1-11210 Wireless Headphone
Single Channel IR Automotive Headphones

Cat No: R1H-11210 UAH-HP10

UnWired R1H-92410 IR Child Size Wireless Headphones
Unwired Technology R1H-92410 Child-Size Single Source Infrared Headphones

Cat No: R1H-92410

UnWired R1H-11099 Wireless Headphones
Single Source Infrared Stereo Headphones

Cat No: R1H11099

UnWired R1H-21320 IR Wireless Headphone
Cat No: R1H21320

UnWired R1H-B22F0 Wireless Headphones
Cat No: R1HB22F0

UnWired R1S-1109 IR Wireless Automotive Headphone System
UnWired R1S-1109 IR Wireless Automotive Headphone System

Cat No: R1S1109

UNWIRED R2H-11210 Dual-source infrared Headphone
Dual-source infrared with adjustable headband

Cat No: R2H11210

UnWired R2H-21310 Infrared Headphone
Infrared headphones with adjustable headband

Cat No: R2H21310

UnWired R2H-21320 2-Channel IR Headphones
Unwired Technology R2H-21320 2-Channel Infrared Headphones with Electronic Auto Shut-Off

Cat No: R2H21320

UnWired R2S-2111 IR Headphone System
Includes 2 each R2H-11210 headphones, 1 each R2T-402 transmitter and mounting screws

Cat No: r2s2111

Audiovox/UnWired - WhiteFire WFS420 Headphone System
Wireless headphone system

Cat No: WFS420

Audiovox/UnWired WhiteFire WH4HS Wireless Headphone
4 source digital wirelss IR headphone.

Cat No: WH4HS

Audiovox WHS100-T IR Transmitter for Headphones
Wireless Infra Red (IR) Headphone Transmitter for Audiovox headphones. Works with IRHS40 adn MVIRHS. Headphones not included.

Cat No: WHS100-TRANS

Poweracoustik WLHP-100 Wireless Infrared Headphones
Cat No: WLHP-100

Farenheit WLHP-3RF Wireless RF Headphone
Wireless Radio Frequncy Headphone


Audiovox/Flexvision WTXRF02 Universal 49MHZ Transmitter
Universal 49 MHz Transmitter for Use with VOH1332 and will work with any audio source with RCA outputs

Cat No: WTXRF02

Audiovox/Flexvision WTXRF03 Universal 49MHZ Transmitter
Universal 49 MHz Transmitter for Use with VOH1332 and will work with any audio source with RCA outputs: Comes with special 5 pin Flexvision connector to plug directly into certain Audiovox / Flexvision screens.

Cat No: WTXRF03

LUXMA LHP-888HT IR Wireless Headphone System
This LHP-888HT model is an Infrared Cordless Stereo Headphone System With Transmitter & Two Headphones.

Cat No: LHP888HT

Audiovox WHS100 / UAH-SI Unwired Wireless Headset System
Universal package for use any audio source that has an RCA type audio output. The WHS100 - UAH SI is a Wireless Infrared Headset Package that enables the passengers to listen to their system using wireless infrared technology.

Cat No: WHS100 UAH-SI

Audiovox WHS150 Wireless Headphone System
Audiovox WHS-150 Single Channel Wireless Headphone System

Cat No: WHS150

Child Headband for Headphones
Audiovox CHB headband Attaches to Headset to Size-Down to Fit Child

Cat No: CHB

CS990 & CS880 Headphone Ear Pad Foam Replacement Covers Pair
Pair of replacement foam ear pads for headphones.

Cat No: CS990, CS880

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