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TomTom Go 700 Portable GPS Navigation System
Cat No: GO700

The TomTom Go 700 Portable GPS Car Navigation Systems is the smart, easy, and connected portable car navigation system. Featuring all the great navigation functionality of the original award-winning TomTom Go, the TomTom Go 700 is easier and more convenient to use than ever before.

You won't find a smarter portable GPS navigation system anywhere, as the TomTom Go 700 not only speaks more than 30 languages in over 50 voices, but its user interface now also includes 18 languages. With the improved functionality, you can quickly access millions of points of interest and plot your quickest, shortest choice of road in no time at all. For maximum driver and passenger convenience, the TomTom Go 700 works with an optional remote control accessory (not included with product). The remote uses radio frequency so you won't even need to point it. Mount it anywhere you want, and do away with the need to touch the screen. A compass mode displays a compass on screen, giving you even more orientation while driving. Plus, with the volume of the device linked to your car speed, the volume of the unit's voice instructions will increase or decrease depending on the speed of your vehicle. An improved on/off switch means that you'll never turn the unit off by accident, and an antiglare screen ensures that you are always offered an optimal view, even in direct sunlight.

Just plug in your TomTom Go 700, switch it on and go. There's no need for any special installation or activation. A set of clear, accurate, turn-by-turn voice instructions and crystal-clear 3D graphics will help you to get where you need to go. The unit's simple design allows you to take the TomTom Go 700 with you from car to car quickly and easily. All the newest TeleAtlas maps are now installed on a 2.5 GB hard drive as one seamless map, allowing you to find your way to any address across all of the United States and Canada.

The TomTom Go 700 is USB 2.0-compatible for faster data transfers to and from your PC. Meanwhile, the unit's Bluetooth receiver allows you to download real-time TomTom Plus services through the internet connection on your Bluetooth phone anytime and anywhere. TomTom Plus gives you the real-time information you want on traffic congestion and weather conditions, plus extra downloads such as detailed city maps, additional voices, points of interest, and more. Note that some TomTom Plus services require a subscription fee. Also, TomTom Plus services require a GPRS ready device equipped with Bluetooth and a GPRS subscription with your mobile operator.

See Go700 in action!

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